Statutory Audits

Statutory Audits

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We determine the need for specialized skills in the planning, performing, and evaluation of our procedures. We also carefully review the results of our procedures to reach an opinion on the financial statements and determine whether our risk assessment and audit plan are appropriate.

Our audit process is fully integrated with supporting current technology and our staff have access to detailed guidance that is geared to their level of experience to guide them throughout the process and enable them to audit “round the computer” and “inside it”, while also allowing for an appropriate level of professional judgement.

Fin-Soft And Associates uses quantitative and qualitative methods to determine the extent of its work. We carry out substantive and other texts in a way to ensure all significant and material figures are captured in our auditing process. With this approach, we are able to deliver high quality reports to our clients.

Our audit methodology focuses primarily on the activities necessary to provide an opinion on the financial statements. However, it is designed to address relevant aspects of clients' businesses in sufficient detail to facilitate the delivery of "unique good services".

Fin-Soft and Associates provide recommendations on improving internal control procedures and clarify certain financial procedures with regard to the preparation of financial statements and other aspects of accounting.

Fin-Soft And Associates can carry out public sector audit in a broader scope than in the private sector. This often encompasses work on a client's arrangements for achieving value for money, as well as other areas specific to different types of public body.

Fin-Soft And Associates can also provide Federal Government audit, Parastatal audit, Local Government and State Government Audit and also Non-profit Making Organization audit, Pension and Retirement Benefits auditing services.

Important Reason for Statutory Auditing includes:-

Fin-Soft And Associates auditing Services in geared towards:-

For Fin-Soft And Associates’ clients that require an audit for statutory and/or regulatory reasons connected with the filing of their annual and periodic financial information, we carry our their audit work with view to meeting their deadlines for submission of their accounts and reports to their regulatory bodies and to the Corporate Affairs Commission.

Fin-Soft And associate’s audit work takes into account all current and prospective auditing, accounting and reporting regulations standard and guidance.

Fin-Soft And Associates act as auditors to a significant number of small and medium sizes businesses. We tailor our service in these markets to create value and meet reporting regulations for small and medium-sized companies.

Why You Need Auditing Services

You are a regulated entity, either by incorporation or registration (CAC) or securities registration for trading purposes (SEC). We can support you in the following ways:

Fin-Soft And associate’s statutory audit report includes:-

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